WELCOME TO MY FREEBIES PAGE! Like most authors, I've written a lot
more books than I've actually had published. In some cases, that's because
they weren't good enough, but in other cases I think they just didn't find the
right editor, or it wasn't their time. I've decided to give those stories a new life
by sharing them with you. Feel free to download them and share them with
others. You can print them out, or just read them on your computer or other
devices. I have illustrated these stories by using some of my art or the art of
my illustrators, and in these cases, I've credited the artist. The rest of the
illustrations were downloaded off the Internet under a Creative Commons
License.  This means that these illustrations are free for other artists to use as
long as they do not sell them. So please enjoy and share these works, but do
not sell them. Just click on a book jacket to download.
Thanks! Jackie  
A is for Author is not really
an ABC book. It's an
alphabetical poem about
books and reading featuring
references to many classic
tales. See how many you