Meet my Dogs
One of the questions I get asked most frequently is "Do you have any pets?" I did. I had
three Labrador Retrievers. They are all gone now, but they were a big part of my life and
I miss them very much. I've thought about getting another, but I'm older now and can't
handle a big dog anymore, and I'm not sure there is a small breed that's right for me. So,
I'll see. Maybe someday.
This is Sara. Wasn't she beautiful? She lived to be
fourteen and a half, which is a good long life in dog
years, but not long enough in human years. We still
miss her.  One of my books,
inspired by - and is dedicated to - Sara. If you love
dogs, you'll love this one. To learn more about it,
And here's Cassie. She passed away at the age of
fourteen and acted like a puppy up until a year or so
before - always ready to play. Fetching rocks was her
favorite game. She would  fetch from morning to night,
and once you  threw a rock for her, she could  sniff it out
just about anywhere - even under water! Cassie didn't
inspire any books, but she was my constant companion
when I started painting.
 Click here to visit my art gallery
and see how many paintings you can find a little black
dog in!
This is Tess. She was a big "dufus." SO sweet, though. When
we picked her from the breeder's, she was the smallest of the
litter and we hoped she would be our next "little black dog."
There was nothing little about her, though. She passed away in
2019. Her best friend was my little grandson Wes, and he still
misses her a lot.