These are my wonderful kids.
Kerri, my daughter, is the oldest. She's all grown up now and married, as
you can see. Meet her husband below! She taught middle school math in
Eastern Massachusetts, but now she's a stay-at-home Mom. Ryan, on the
left, is a mechanical engineer,
and my youngest son, on the right is an
electrical engineer, as well as an artist and musician. The boys are
married now, too. S
ee them with their wives below - and they all have
beautiful babies now.
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This is me with my husband, George.
e're much older than this now, but we
like these pictures better. :)
George and I have been married for forty five years. Yikes, does time fly! George gave
me my first electric typewriter way back when, and his steadfast support through all the
years of rejection helped me to keep on going. I dedicated my first book "To George,
Who Always Believed."
This is Kerri's husband, Ray.
They got married in 1999.
here to see pictures from the
Here's Ryan and his bride Suzanne!
They were married June 25th, 2005!
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My youngest son and his wife.