In writing The Primrose Way, the author researched the history of the area in which she lived at the time
(Eastern Massachusetts), but similar culture clashes occurred in every part of the United States during it's
early settlement.
Visit your local library or historical society and research the history of your own town. Look through old town
records, diaries, and letters. See if you can find any early maps, paintings, or photographs. See if you can find
answers to the following questions. (Note: Be careful of bias. Bias means that the people who wrote the diaries,
records, etc. may have had certain prejudices that distorted their writings. Discuss bias in class before
beginning this project.)
1) What native peoples lived in your area before the first white settlers came?
2) When did the first white settlers arrive?
3) How were early relations between the settlers and the native people?
4) If relations were bad, why were they bad? If they were good, when did they turn bad, and why?
5) Do native people still live in your area? If not, what became of them? If so, how are relations between natives
and non-natives now? (If you are Native American, discuss your feelings on this matter with the class. If you are
not Native American, but have Native American friends or neighbors, ask your teacher to invite them to come
and speak with your class.)
Follow-up project: Based on your research, write a short story about the settlement of your town. Write it
from the point of view of a person your own age, either a Native American or a settler.