Discussion Questions for The Primrose Way
  • Why did the English come to America?
  • What did they expect to find here?
  • What did they find here?
  • What factors contributed to the ease with which the English were able to establish
    colonies here?
  • What preconceived notions did the English have about Native Americans?
  • In what ways did these notions affect their dealings with Native Americans?
  • How did Native Americans treat the English? Why?
  • How did the English treat Native Americans? Why?
  • Were the English religious people?
  • Were the Native Americans religious?
  • How were the two religions different? How were they similar?
  • What justification did the English give for usurping Native American lands? Was
    this valid?
  • In your opinion, which group of people were the most "moral"? Why?
  • In your opinion, is one group of people ever justified in invading the lands of
    another and imposing its culture on the indigenous peoples? In what case, if any?